Care Instructions: Wash the bowl with soap and water, but do not put in the dishwasher. Renew the finish with whatever vegetable oil you have on hand.

XL Cherry Live Edge Bowl

  • This bowl is turned from cherry wood, displaying the natural beauty of the wood grain. It features a "live edge" displaying the original bark from the tree. CAUTION: Handle with care -- the bark can still fall off.

    Each bowl is turned by one of the nuns at St. Scholastica Priory. They are turned from green wood which will continue to move over the years. It is effected by the atmosphere -- it will expand and contract, etc., and rarely be a perfect round. Over the years the wood will darken. Each bowl is an original because the wood is different and reacts differently due to the grain in the wood, etc.

    It is finished with walnut oil and beeswax, which is food-safe and non-toxic.